Monday, September 24, 2007

Hi! This is Aiden. After many nights of crying in my sleep from pain, I now have two bottom teeth. They came right in time for Halloween. Now I can be a little pumpkin.
I am now 7 months. My size has fooled many... I'm wearing 12 Mo. clothes. I'm just trying to keep up with Brekston.
I army scoot all over, & I rock on my hands & knees. I also stretch using the "under dog" possition from my yoga. I also do back bends on my head... strengthens the neck muscles! I love being a rough & tough little boy.
Aiden & I are becoming best buddy's. I love to wrestle him. Mommy gets worried & ends up pulling me off. I don't know why. I just lay on top of him & "tickle" him ever so softly. Aiden just laughs & laughs. We're such tough boys.

About Me

Helloooo! This is Brekston. My family has been a little slow, so I've decided to take over & start up a blog page for friends & Family to enjoy. Bye! Bye!


It's me, Brekston, feeding the ducks with my Uncle Tee Tee (Steven). The Geese tried to eat me, but I just squaked right back in thier face! I could have taken them if Tee Tee would have given me the chance.