Friday, August 29, 2008

Finally... an Up-Date of the Sabel Fam.

Sorry this has taken me so long. I am lame at finding the time. You all have been so great & I have loved looking at your blogs. Hopefully I'll be better. There has been so much going on. Brekston will be three in November, Aiden will be two in February, & we are due with our third in February! Alex got a great promotion & we will be moving to St. George, Utah soon. That's our quick up-date for now! We love you all!

About Me

Helloooo! This is Brekston. My family has been a little slow, so I've decided to take over & start up a blog page for friends & Family to enjoy. Bye! Bye!


It's me, Brekston, feeding the ducks with my Uncle Tee Tee (Steven). The Geese tried to eat me, but I just squaked right back in thier face! I could have taken them if Tee Tee would have given me the chance.